Saturday, December 29, 2012


Sum up Coffee in as little words as possible?

Umami. Roasted. Perfect. Dark.

Okay, a scent that brings me (and the whole house) into the room of its' source and gives me warm feelings of 'happy dance' is - simply coffee.

I quit drinking anything with caffeine in my college days. To date myself, that was over 10 years ago (yeah, I know - I don't look it thankfully!). The saving grace in my life, my one true love.

He loves, loves, loves ... (and just for good measure) loves coffee. Not just any coffee mind you. He is a full on aficionado about absolutely everything he loves. He will find you the absolute quaint essential raw most best thing in the world if you tell him what you want, which consequently makes him the most awesome salesman. Trust me, I know ... and have to live, breathe, and sleep about "it".

But, I digress, he loves what he loves and that includes what he drinks. So coffee is no exception.

Ahem, leads me to this coffee at hand. I love coffee but don't drink it anymore. As much as I would love to, it's a love I have gone without for soooo long. That doesn't mean I still can't aappreciateit, right?

So give me the day before Christmas celebration with his family. Hectic Day! They are coming in two hours, dinner is not all yet prepared, I still have to find a final gift, AND HE RUNS OUT OF COFFEE!

I don't use caps generally at all. So yes, this is a full on shout. It's like your son or daughter's favorite pet just died on a holiday morning (yes this happened to me - it was a hamster - so sorry for the horrible reference) but you get the picture. Heads are going to roll without the right coffee.

I go to Trader Joe's to pick up some quick things, and I know I need to get coffee. More importantly it's all in a couple of hours. And several stores. Before family shows up. So flying by the seat of my pants and I'm thinking ... hmmm, it's in a can of coffee ... can't smell it ... it's only $4.99 for 13 ounces ... um, well I can pick up some other coffee in case he doesn't like it. Then I can compost or feed the plants with the rest. So I grabbed a can. Really, the sign attracted me and the price attracted me. So what's to lose?

I also bought him another gifting coffee from Trader Joe's that is in a cute little burlap bag and was priced at $12.99 for 14 ounces. He hasn't drank that yet, so can't comment but it does smell delish through the typical vented holes in the thick small brown paper bag located inside. We won't open it until the first whole bean coffee is gone. Why more quickly expire a good thing?

And that's not all, I also bought him his favorite Major Dickenson's blend from the grocery store. "On Sale" of course but still another $8.99 at 12 ounces, so you're getting it - he freakin' loves good coffee.

Yes, too many coffee choices. But if I brought one home that he didn't like I would have wasted my money and felt bad. So I gave him lots of choices and ensured myself that they are all good dark to medium roast and sure for the pleasure.

For $4.99, he absolutely loves the TJ's dark roast. Another note, it's so dark that even though he is a black coffee drinker, he does hit this one with a little half and half because "it just tastes like it should; better.".

All-in-all, the TJ's dark roast is a wonderful value for the price. It's an awesome steal of deal. Let me know what you think after you try it!

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